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Interior Designers NYC, Runa Chi Novak

Nationally recognized designer, Runa Chi Novak, is an interior designer in NYC providing one-of-a kind interior design services for clients throughout the greater NYC area. Working with the best interior designers in NYC is essential step that will ensure your project’s success. Working with an NYC interior designer who is both talented and able to understand the clients’ design goals are essential qualities for a successful design outcome. The most recognized interior designers in NYC are not only talented designers with great taste and skills, but are also those who are able to apply those skills in a way that helps the client fully understand not only what it is that they want, but also what it is that they will be getting. Runa Chi Novak brings not only her extensive interior design and custom furniture experiences to the table, but also her years working as a fashion designer in Paris, as well.

With NYC Interior Designers, Experience Makes the Difference

Runa has extensive experience furnishing not only existing spaces and rooms, but has also worked on many ground-up design-build projects. She’s worked in both the residential and commercial spaces and on projects in NYC, Chicago, Denver& Aspen, Colorado. Runa & RCN Interior Design are able to leverage those experiences to provide you with comprehensive and professional design services that will help you to accomplish your design goals. With Runa Chi Novak, you’re guaranteed exposure to the best finishes and appointments from the widest selections available.

Collaboration is Key

Many interior designers are simply out to provide you with a design that reflects their own tastes, and not your tastes. We believe that every client has a different vision and that understanding that vision is the most important first step of any successful design. Once that vision is understood, goals can be defined. Once goals are defined, we can begin to design the space and to select the finishes and appointments that will help us realize those goals.

Successful Interior Design

Only once we understand the direction that the project is to take, can we begin to present the very best of all that is available. Both clients and interior designers in NYC , know that there is a lot to choose from out there. One of our most important services is to help you narrow the field and to understand both what will work and, just as importantly, what will not work. In order to not have any regrets, you need to understand both. That gorgeous chandelier may look great in the magazine, but will it work in your space? If not, then why? Assisting you in the selection process and making sure that you’re satisfied with what we’re providing is what we do best. By presenting you with the widest available selections, taking the time to help you understand all of your options and by providing you with top-shelf design and rendering services, you’ll be confident that the finished product is the best possible reflection of your good tastes.

When it comes to interior designers in NYC, call Runa Chi Novak and the RCN Interior Design Group for your next project.