Ombre, the trend we don’t mind…….

Ombre, fade, gradient or whatever term fits your fancy, this trend is a clever one and were loving it! We have seen it everywhere this year trending all through the seasons in beauty, fashion, and our very favorite; interior design.


A hint of gradation happening in our luxury bathroom shower design.


Our elevator lobby design is hinting ombre.


Ombre Lips?! Yesssss please! We can imagine this gradation in almost any textile or space.

One of our favorite hues to see in the ombre trend is blues. It makes us think of the water and it creates great visual movement. 


Decorative and eye catching.


Shall we go sailing anyone?

Ombre is a fun way to add interest in your style and set a fantastic aesthetic. We don’t mind this trend at all in fact we love it. We see its here to stay and welcome ombre into our design fun.