New York Bathroom Design – Functional Spaces Reimagined

A rotten window in the shower area is nobody’s idea of a great bathroom design in New York, so it is not surprising that the owners called in Runa Chi Novak from RCH Interior Design to give the room a makeover. In fact she did such a fantastic job that the project was featured in Colorado Homes and Lifestyle magazine. Before the makeover, the old shower area was squeezed in next to a vanity unit, in front of a window. It was dark, ugly, and much too small.

  • Runa immediately redesigned the bathroom so that the shower was in a better location
  • She added glass shower walls to create a sense of light and space
  • She sourced hand-made mosaic tiles for luxury
  • A linear shower drain was used

If you want a luxury bathroom designed in your home, talk to Runa Chi Novak at RCN Interior Design today.