Custom Furniture Design for a Modern NYC Dining Room

Dining rooms are sometimes very small, even when the rest of the property is large and spacious. The space is often wasted and if the wrong furniture is used, the end result can be a disaster. Having the right dining room table can make a huge difference to a dining room. Runa Chi Novak believes that bigger is always better and she loves to make good use of custom furniture design in NYC for her interior design projects.

Before and After the Renovation

  • The original dining room was not small, but thanks to the windows it felt small. To correct this, Runa removed the existing windows and installed some floor to ceiling windows instead.
  • The original dining room table was only large enough to seat eight people, so Runa had a 10’ custom designed black walnut table made by a specialist custom furniture maker. The unique finish of the table compliments the wonderful mountain setting perfectly and because it is such a beautiful piece of furniture, it is less likely to end up cluttered.
  • To complete the design, Runa chose some attractive lights to enhance the décor.

If you would like to find out more about Runa’s custom pieces, contact her today.