Runa Chi Novak Provides Interior Decorating for this One of a Kind Bedroom

When a bedroom in a second home in Denver, Colorado, needed a makeover, the clients looked at interior decorating NYC services and engaged Runa Chi Novak. Runa immediately took the decision to completely redesign the space and remove the features that dated the room and made it feel dark and ugly. The original bedroom was large, but set over three levels and very choppy. Runa made the room up to one level and removed the stained oak. The mullion windows made the bedroom dark and spoilt the view, so these were replaced with floor to ceiling glass. Other design features included:

  • Walnut flooring
  • An outdoor deck with access from the bedroom via sliding doors
  • A custom designed pop-up TV stand at the end of the bed
  • Brand new, modern furniture
  • Two new storage areas for a wine and coffee bar
  • Texture in the form of throws, rugs and cushions

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