Custom Staircases from New York Interior Decorator, Runa Chi Novak

Staircases can dramatically transform an otherwise forgettable space in a home. Even an average staircase is a major architectural focal point in a house, so it stands to reason that with some great design and interesting materials, you can create an amazing feature, particularly in an open-plan living space.

Custom Designed Stairs

Custom staircases are something that Runa Chi Novak, a top interior decorator in New York, does exceptionally well. She has a real affinity with staircases and she believes they have an enormous amount of potential, which is something that many interior decorators overlook. Staircases are the connection between two separate parts of a home, internal and external. Open staircases, galleried landings and outdoor decking with balconies all require railings, which is a fabulous opportunity to get creative and make a design statement. With the right materials and design, a dramatic staircase can really create the ‘wow’ factor that ties together the many different elements of your interior design scheme.

Metal Elements as Accent Pieces

Runa Chi Novak likes to experiment with different materials when designing staircases for her clients. Metal is a strong, attractive material when used in statement staircases. It looks beautiful and will weather well, particularly in outdoor decking areas and balconies. Metal can also be combined with timber for a more natural look. A well-designed staircase can often become a statement piece in the room, so the more eye-catching the materials, the better. One project Runa worked on involved the use of black as an accent color. The floating staircase timbers were stained black and glass railings were constructed for a beautiful modern, stylish effect. With the addition of glass sconce lights, the final result was breathtaking.

Runa Chi Novak from RCN Interior Design is a top interior decorator in New York. If you would like more information on her design services, contact Runa and the team today.