Interior Decorating with One of the Top Interior Decorators in NYC, Runa Chi Novak

Some renovation projects are more extensive than others and in this particular case Runa Chi Novak was tasked with the job of starting from the ground up. The owners of an old barn house in Aspen, Colorado, had very clear ideas about the type of home they wanted. They were keen to make use of natural materials, in keeping with the stunning mountain location, and eventually decided on a rustic mountain decorative theme.  This involved making the most of the new barn’s strong structural lines by way of a rustic modern ‘look’. And having studied the latest styles by interior decorators in NYC, the owners were also keen to use black accents in the overall decorative theme.

Interior Decorating that Can Incorporate Sustainable Materials

One of the main features of this impressive design by Runa Chi Novak is the extensive use of sustainable materials throughout the house. First impressions count for a great deal and so the clients were keen to make good use of recycled materials on the exterior of the property. They felt that this would help enhance the natural decorative style. Runa used rocks, reclaimed wood, and copper to create a wonderfully natural but modern look, which was perfectly in keeping with the stunning locale. This theme was continued inside the house, where Runa used stone and wood, rich rustic colors, and soft earthy textures.

Custom Interior Design

A major advantage of using interior decorators from NYC is that the end result will be fabulously stylish. This design project was both creative and luxurious, with a black and white theme used in varying degrees throughout the house. The bathrooms are a great example of how successful the black and white theme is – one of them has striking geometric patterned tiles – and the wonderfully over the top  and ultra feminine powder room with its beautiful black and white wallpaper is one of Runa’s personal favorites. Black is even used in the kitchen; Runa installed modern black cabinets to add an element of cool sophistication to the overall rustic theme. In fact, even the window frames and doors are black, which is a particularly stylish touch. By the time RCN Interior Design had completed the design and renovation of the barn, the owners were more than happy with the end result.

If you would like more details of the project, or you have a project of your own you would like to discuss with Runa Chi Novak and her team of interior decorators in NYC, give her a call today.