Interior Design Firm New York based RCN Shows off their Commercial Talents

Runa Chi Novak from RCN, an interior design firm in New York, was engaged to redesign the cafeteria space of a Chicago based software design firm. The company wanted their cafeteria to more accurately reflect the creative personalities of the employees and the company itself. Prior to the makeover, the space was bland and uninspiring. It lacked personality and the main staircase and railing was poorly designed. By the time Runa had completed the project, the new cafeteria was far more inspiring.

  • Runa fabricated a new staircase from steel and reclaimed timber
  • The old television stand was taken away
  • Random lights were fitted above the stairwell to define the space
  • The ceiling was painted in a dark color to showcase the ‘flying saucer’ lights
  • A custom designed concrete and brick wallpaper was hung on walls and columns around the windows to give the space a loft vibe
  • The cafeteria windows were painted in a dark color to match the staircase and wallpaper

Runa Chi Novak specializes in commercial and residential interior design, so call her today to find out more.