A Transitional Design by One of the Top Interior Design Firms in NYC

Sometimes a great view just isn’t enough. If the interior doesn’t quite live up to the exterior, the end result is always disappointing, which was the main problem with this property. Despite the fact the house was located in one of the most stunning parts of Colorado, it lacked aesthetic appeal and the interior spaces were very poorly designed. The decorative style of the rooms was haphazard and confusing, ranging from rustic Tuscany through to mountain.  Thankfully Runa Chi Novak from one of the top interior design firms in NYC was able to offer the owners some much needed design solutions.

NYC Interior in Need of a Makeover

The property certainly needed a makeover. It was not lacking in space, but there were only two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a large open-plan dining room and great room, so Runa designed a new wine room, added an extra bedroom and bathroom, and built a home office. She created design motifs inspired by nature and used them to tie the decorative scheme together and create a wonderful living space that complimented the dramatic scenery outdoors.

A Transitional NYC Interior Style

The chosen design style was ‘transitional’, which would allow the owners to introduce some of their unique artwork and furniture pieces. It was also decided that the new kitchen would be the focal point of the newly renovated home, so extra special attention was paid to choosing designer kitchen cabinets, rock granite counter tops and hand crafted artisan tiles. A magnificent island was created so that the owners could use their new kitchen for dining and socializing. The new bathroom became a haven of peace and tranquility, thanks in part to the lovely clean lines and fantastic views across the Rocky Mountains. The final showpiece for the property was the innovative wine room, which was designed to have custom wine racks in a store window style so that the owner’s extensive wine collection could be appreciated as a work of art. All three rooms have featured in Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine as fine examples of top ideas from interior designs firms in NYC.

If you think a transitional style would be perfect for your home or you would like to see what else Runa Chi Novak from RCN Interior Design can do, contact her today.