Interior Design for a Manhattan Client’s Second Home in Aspen, Colorado

When the owners of a second home in Aspen, Colorado, decided that the property needed modernizing they looked at interior design in Manhattan and chose Runa Chi Novak from RCN Interior Design. The house was built in a very traditional mountain style, but it was dated and the layout didn’t work. It only had two bedrooms and the kitchen was very dark. Runa completed a number of major improvements to the configuration of the rooms:

  • The fireplace was moved to the opposite side of the room, between the new kitchen and the Great Room
  • A brand new gourmet kitchen was installed
  • A wine room was added
  • New lights were fitted everywhere to lift the décor and brighten up the house

Runa Chi Novak creates innovative interior design solutions, so contact her at RCN Interiors for more information.