Kitchen Design by a Top Kitchen Designer in NYC, Runa Chi Novak

Kitchens are the hubs of busy family homes. We use them to prepare and cook food, to chill out in at the end of the day, and of course to entertain friends and family. Because of a kitchen’s importance, it is essential that the space be well designed. Kitchens need to work both aesthetically and functionally as a poorly designed kitchen is a nightmare to work in and not somewhere you are likely to spend much time. In fact a badly designed kitchen can really let the rest of the house down and even devalue it, so if you intend on renovating your kitchen, it makes sense to use top kitchen designers in NYC to do the work. Runa Chi Novak is one such person, which is why she was called in to take charge of this gourmet kitchen renovation.

Balancing the Form with the Function

Runa Chi Novak has worked on a huge number of kitchen renovations and she understands the importance of creating a functional and stylish space. The client has to be happy with the end result, so the early stages of the consultation process are vital. A top kitchen designer in NYC would use this time to find out more about the client’s expectations, wants and needs. Learning more about the client’s lifestyle and individual tastes is all part of the design process. After all, kitchens have to fit the needs of the client – some people plan on using their kitchen for gourmet cooking and require the very best appliances whereas others are only interested in creating a showpiece that looks wonderful but won’t be used for serious cooking.

Blending the Kitchen’s Design with the Rest of the House

Since a kitchen is an integral part of the home, it needs to blend in with the rest of the décor. There are any number of styles you can choose from when redesigning a new kitchen, but working with kitchen designers in NYC will make the job a lot easier.

What Every Top Kitchen Designer in NYC Should Know

When planning a new kitchen, there are a number of questions to be considered:

  • How many people will be using the kitchen at any one time?
  • Do you love to cook or is the kitchen likely to be a showpiece instead?
  • Do you need wine storage?
  • If you want a kitchen island, should be large enough for the whole family?
  • Do you require a prep area/sink or a baking station?

Kitchen designers in NYC should ask you all of these questions (and more) during the planning stages of a kitchen design. For more information about kitchen design, contact Runa Chi Novak at RCN Interior Design.