New York Interior Decorating for Kids Spaces

The children should not be overlooked when planning a home renovation. Kids need their own space just as much as adults and it is important to take their needs into account when designing a home using New York interior decorating services. Larger homes may be able to accommodate a children’s play area, but even if there isn’t room, you can still have plenty of fun designing a funky kid’s bedroom with quirky corners and adult quality furniture. Runa Chi Novak enjoys designing kids’ space. She likes to come up with interesting design solutions for unusual spaces – in one home she designed, she even added a secret passage!

Bunk Beds for the Kids

Kids need furniture for their rooms, but kids’ furniture is often of inferior quality and Runa Chi Novak prefers to use adult furniture for her design projects. Bunk beds are perfect for kids’ bedrooms because they are versatile enough to accommodate adult guests as well as children. Bunk beds are also a fantastic space saver in smaller bedrooms, although a higher level bed with storage or a desk below is also a practical solution for a kids’ bedroom. Runa also recommends that adult sized mattresses are used in order that the beds are suitable for adults.

Custom Built Furniture for Kids’ Rooms

One of the benefits to using New York interior decorating services is that you have access to custom furniture suppliers. Kids appreciate the sophistication of quality furniture and for bedrooms that may have to accommodate children of different ages custom furniture can be very appealing. The same applies to kids bathrooms. Kids need their own bathroom, especially when they reach their teens. Runa likes to find fun accessories and fun pieces for her kids’ bathrooms, items that are guaranteed to appeal to children of all ages.

For more information on Runa Chi Novak’s funky kids’ space design ideas and child friendly custom furniture, contact the team at RCN Interior Design today.