Lighting Ideas from New York Interior Decorator, Runa Chi Novak

Runa Chi Novak never underestimates the importance of great lighting when she designs rooms and spaces for clients. Despite this she is always surprised that so many people neglect to think about lighting. Great lighting can make a huge difference in a space, which is why New York interior decorators place so much importance on lighting schemes when designing interiors.

Light Up Your Space

From table lamps to decorative wall lights, lighting can make or break a decorative scheme. There are so many different types of lighting to choose from these days that it can be difficult to know which light or lamp to choose. New York interior decorators can help you make the right lighting decisions in your home so you can let your personality shine through whilst enjoying the functionality of a well-lit room.

Define the Space

Light really defines a space. There are many different styles of lighting, but ceiling lights in particular can enhance the space and highlight important architectural features. High ceilings allow for large decorative light fittings, but even in smaller rooms it is essential that plenty of consideration is given to the type of lighting you use.

Designer Lighting for New York Interiors

Whilst lighting needs to be functional – particularly in a kitchen, for example – there is no reason why you can’t experiment a little with designer lighting in your home. There are some fabulous lighting designers producing experimental, custom-designed pieces for all tastes and budgets. Runa Chi Novak and her team of New York interior decorators enjoy sourcing custom designed lights for clients. Runa knows the right light can really make a difference to any room.

From stylish chandeliers in the dining room or kitchen, to beautiful wall sconces and recessed lighting, the choices for lighting are endless, so if you are struggling to decide which lighting scheme is right for your home give Runa Chi Novak at RCN Interior Design a call today.