Top Interior Designer New York, Runa Chi Novak, Combines Sophistication and Style

The family room in this interior design project was dark and looked (and felt) very cramped, despite the size of the room. The space was cluttered and the mullioned windows only served to make the room feel even smaller. It was dated, tired and definitely in need of a serious makeover from one of the top interior designers in New York – Runa Chi Novak.

  • The ceiling in the window area was raised and converted into a gable roof line
  • Sliding doors were installed
  • Runa built a custom floating sink and bar along one wall, together with floating glass shelves
  • Walnut flooring was fitted
  • The décor was modernized and new furniture was introduced, including a linen sectional sofa, textured pillows and a shag rug from Aztec Rug in Denver, a cowhide coffee table and a Green Goddess chandelier by Kathy Kuo
  • Dozens of recessed lights were added to the room to make it as light and bright as possible
  • And finally, a large flat screen television was hung on one of the walls

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