Luxury Bath Design by a Top Interior Designer in NYC, Runa Chi Novak

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the home. But even if a bathroom is small, it still requires plenty of consideration. Smaller spaces can be just as challenging to design, and in some cases the smallest rooms require the most creative design solutions in order to balance form with function.

Balancing the Bath’s Form with its Function

Beauty isn’t everything when it comes to bathroom design. A bathroom can create a fantastic first impression, but if it isn’t practical it soon loses its appeal. Runa Chi Novak is well aware of this. She has lots of experience designing bathrooms, both large and small, and therefore she appreciates the small details that turn a mediocre bathroom into a designer bathroom. Aside from the practical furniture every bathroom needs, such as a toilet, shower/tub, and vanity basin, the space must satisfy all of the relevant building codes. Runa, like all top interior designers in NYC, knows this, which is why her designer bathrooms are practical as well as stunningly beautiful.

Blending the Bath’s Design with Adjoining Rooms

No bathroom exists in isolation. For a bathroom design to work, it needs to blend in with the adjoining rooms. You can decorate a bathroom any way you like – monochrome or muted colors are always popular. However, as Runa always tells her clients, it is wise not to choose overly strong colors and vibrant patterns in a small space or the scheme can soon become much too overpowering. And for best results, it is sensible to tie in a bathroom design with the rest of the home.

What Every Top Interior Designer in NYC Should Know

Luxury bathrooms need to withstand everyday use, particularly if they are family bathrooms. It is important to ensure that all of the surfaces in the bathroom are easy to clean, so tiles are naturally a good choice. Top interior designers in NYC would normally recommend that their clients opt to have as much of the bathroom surface covered in tiles as possible, simply because tiles are easier to clean, but naturally this may depend on the project budget.

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