Wine Room NYC


Modern Wine Room

Before Style: Traditional

Before List of Client Dislikes:

  • Ugly railings were visible from the kitchen and the great room
  • Strange ledge that was collecting dust
  • A window too small to enjoy the outside view

Before List of Likes by the Clients:

  • Nothing :-)


  • My clients wanted an easily accessible storage room for their wine collection. They were open to the idea of adding onto the house to help accomplish this goal. We removed the wall with the window (pictured in the before photo to the left) and added an addition to the area behind that wall. 

After List None:

  • Ended up adding not only a wine cellar, but an additional bedroom as well.
  • So many of my clients in the larger cities –  NYC, LA and SF – want a modern wine cellar that won’t take up a lot of room.  Why hide it away in the basement? Bring it to the front. Celebrate it. Show it off!
  • We installed as many custom walnut and chrome wine racks we can fit and also went as high as we can for maximum storage.  My clients wanted maximum storage and visually defines the wall so the room appear bigger